Bio-Lipid Restoring Body Lotion

You’ve heard of vitamin A, C and E but you probably haven’t heard of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin found in food like dark leafy greens. It plays a crucial role in bodily functions and when used topically, vitamin K is known to help improve the look of dark undereye circles, bruising, broken capillaries and skin redness. Read on to learn more about our new Vitamin K Liposome Serum 3%.


Phytonadione, also known as vitamin K1, is a fat-soluble vitamin prevalent in dark leafy greens. In the medical field it is known for its ability to aid in coagulation and wound healing. This vitamin and antioxidant has made its way into dermatology, addressing vascular issues such as dark eye circles, bruising, broken capillaries, skin redness, and spider veins. One study showed an eye gel containing 2% vitamin K, in combination with 0.1% retinol, 0.1% vitamin C, and 0.1% vitamin E, reduced hemostasis under the eye, thus reducing the dark eye circles. Pigmentation was not reduced, showing that the gel containing vitamin K reduced the dark circles, not by targeting melanogenesis like vitamins C and A, but by reducing hemostasis or blood coagulation. Dermatologists also recommend topical vitamin K after in-office skin treatments to promote skin healing and reduce redness. Skin redness often indicates that there is inflammation present and blood is rushing to that area, in an attempt to heal. One study showed a 1% vitamin K cream statistically improved the wound healing process more than the control group, using Eucerin for patients who underwent high-frequency electrocautery, a procedure that uses heat to remove abnormal skin tissue. The authors of the study speculate that vitamin K significantly improved skin repair through re-epithelialization and its anti-inflammatory properties. Phytonadione is also a potent antioxidant that can address free radicals caused by environmental stressors. The true mechanism of action of vitamin K is not fully understood, but promising research shows that this vitamin could just carve out a new space in the cosmetic industry.

Introducing our Vitamin K Liposome Serum 3% to help visibly reduce the look of redness while calming the skin. It is formulated with 3% of a unique vitamin K liposome to improve efficacy, skin compatibility, and vitamin stability. The phospholipid membrane fuses with skin to better deliver the stabilized vitamin K with minimal irritation potential. This complexion-restoring liposome is paired with encapsulated curcumin and pine bark, rich in proanthocyanidins, that further improve the appearance of reddened skin. The encapsulation is comprised of omega-3, which supports the skin barrier. Added vitamin F restores dry compromised skin while vitamin B3 and stabilized vitamin C further restore skin complexion. This vitamin-rich serum also features nature-identical alpha bisabolol, obtained through fermentation, which aids in skin soothing and reducing visible skin redness. With no known ingredient incompatibilities, vitamin K is an easy addition to any skincare routine to help promote a younger looking complexion with a more revitalized and even looking skin tone.


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